1952-1967 Ota Ward

published by Santousya Publishing, Tokyo, 2008, 25 x 21cm.

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An image in p.51. It is outside the Yaguchi-no-Watashi Station in the Ota district of Tokyo in 1955, one summer day after the rain. The woman in the right front firstly captures our attention. She appears to be in her fifties but life was harder back then and people would look much order than their age. Her gazing back guides us to a younger woman at the centre. She would be around 25 and a young mother of the little girl next to her. She might have got married when she was 16 something. Her full length-cotton dress in tiny floral pattern is very good in the hot summer for all domestic work that she needs to take care as a full-time housewife of a working class family. During a shopping trip, she scratches her back in a carefree manner, striking a humble historical moment.